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Verein: Internationale Jugendgemeinschaftsdienste LV Berlin e.V.
Projekt: Asilo Valdese Seniorenheim
Bewerbungsende: 12.08.2010
Status: Stelle gestrichen
Laufzeit: 01.05.2011 - 01.11.2011 - 01.02.2012
Sprache im Projekt: Italienisch

Diese Stelle ist nicht mehr verfügbar!

Mann oder Frau zwischen 18 und 30 Jahren

Asilo Valdese is located in Luserna San Giovanni, a village of 8000 inhabitants, 462 metres high in pre-mountain area. The village is located in Valpellice area, an Alpine Valley in the Torino's province. The Valpellice's territory is a pre-alpine and alpine area and its name comes from its the river called Pellice.
In the valley which is close to the France's border live 25.000 people divided in 9 municipalities. Luserna San Giovanni is 50 km far from Torino, 17 km from Pinerolo and 200 km from Milan.

During the year there are many different cultural events organized by the towns in the valley. Besides the religious aspects in the valley there are many cultural and or voluntary associations which regularly propose their activities in the territory.

The Valpellice is part of the "Olympics Valleys", where the 2006 Olympic winter Game took place.
The hokey sport is very popular and the local team plays in the national division. A new ice hockey stadium was built in 2006 in Torre Pellice and there it is possible to organize sporting activities.

Luserna San Giovanni has got a modern sport centre with swimming pool, gym and tennis courts. In the valley is possible do trekking and walks. In Torre Pellice there is also a cinema for the free time.

Thanks to the international context historically connected with the Protestant reform of the "waldensian valley" many visitors from European and not European countries come to visit our territory . This international and intercultural aspect allow volunteers to get a faster and more intercultural adaption and integration in the territory.

The International volunteers' presence has always been a very important way to avoid the elderly persons' social exclusion in their daily lives.
This goal is achieved through the creation of individual relation between the volunteers and the hosts, the active collaboration during the animation activities and the important support for the non self-sufficient people during the meals time.

A very important aspect for the volunteering service's implementation is the cultural process inside the project which during the years gave us the belief that the volunteer's activities are not only an additional help for the social and animation projects but above all an important human resource for our hosts.

The volunteers' accommodation is located 800 m far from the rest house.
The house is made up with 2 single bedrooms and 1 double bedroom, 1 bathroom with shower, 1 living room with TV and stereo. There is also a kitchen where the volunteers can cook their own food but if they want it is possible to have meals in the ASILO as well.
In the house there is a washing machine for volunteers' clothes but the bed-sheets are usually washed in the Asilo Valdese's laundry.

During the project we lend a bicycle to each volunteer who can use it for going to the project and he/she can use it during his/her free time.
Asilo Valdese beyond a laundry services provides washing/cleaners soaps (but the volunteer has to clean the rooms in which he/she lives) for the cleaning of the house and personal care soaps

During the project the volunteers will have the following learning opportunities:

- linguistic learning opportunities trough an Italian language course organized by a professional school of the area;

- cultural learning opportunities through the participation in different cultural events/activities and through visits at different interesting cultural places located in Valpellice and Torino areas;

- professional learning opportunities. Inside the ASILO the volunteer will be trained by a doctor, a nurse, a physiotherapist and an animator. They will provide volunteers with the necessary information about the elderly people's main problems and show them the correct way to work with hosts.

The EVS Volunteer's presence inside our project will be very important to enrich the Asilo Valdese's experience through the intercultural comparison and through the new ideas that the volunteer can bring/realize inside the project which can improve the quality of the project.
Another import aspect is the meeting between the staff and the volunteer which can create a fruitful exchange and enrichments for those involved.

Volunteers will support the staff within the following areas: animation lab, day centre, physiotherapy, basic assistance.

Specifically they will be involved in the following activities:

- Animation (with the animator's supervision): cooperation in the management of the group activities like: music activities, game activities, manual laboratories. During these activities the volunteer can help the hosts to improve their interactive capacities through the development of interpersonal relations. Volunteers will have the possibility to propose new ideas and activities connected with their capacities and interests, these new activities will be always supported and supervised by a referent person of the sector in order to facilitate their realization and development;

- Physiotherapy (with the Physiotherapist's supervision): collaboration in the organization of the soft gym group activities, help the not self sufficient hosts during the walks and during the soft gym in order to improve their physical conditions;

- Daily Centre ( with the services manager's supervision): collaboration in the different animation activities (single or group ones) proposed to the daily centre's hosts. Going with the hosts during the travel from the House to the Asilo Valdese and the other way round with a bus driven by one of our operator;

- "Soft" basic assistance (with the coordinator and the staff supervision) Cooperation during the meals time for the non-sufficient hosts. Help the staff in preparing some of the hosts' beds and collaboration during the tea time.

The whole volunteer project will be coordinated by a tutor and an internal coordinating group. The volunteer will attend training events focused on the Italian language learning and on the elder people's problems and pathologies' knowledge. About the hosts personal health issues volunteers will be guided by specialized persons as the doctor of the project, the nurse and the physiotherapist.

Volunteers will be involved in the weekly meeting with the staff in order to discuss the organization of the activities program planning of the Animation lab and of the day centre. Those volunteers who will be involved in the socialization activities with the hosts will take part every 3 months in the meeting for the elaboration of Individual Assistance Plans (PAI).

Every month there will be an evaluation/monitoring meeting with the tutor.

Volunteer will work from Monday to Friday, for a maximum of seven hours for day.

There will be 2 different working times:

-from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm
-from 11:45 am to 6:45 pm

The activities previously mentioned will be mainly organized as follow:

- 8:30 am - 11:45 am: hosts transportation form their houses to the Daily Center, physiotherapy activities, basic assistance, animation activities;
- 11:45 am - 12:30 am: helping the not self sufficient hosts during lunch
- 12:30 am - 1:15 pm: lunch break
- 1:15 am - 4:00 pm: physiotherapy activities, animation activities, tea time organization
- 4:00 pm - 6:45 pm: Animation activities, Daily Center hosts' transfer, helping the not self sufficient hosts during the dinner.

When the volunteer will be sufficiently integrated in the project ( generally after 3-4 months) he/she can propose some new activities connected with his/her capacities and interests (like photographic laboratories, music laboratory, theatre laboratories, cooking laboratories, paintings laboratory, etc.)

Volunteers should have the capacity to interact with the elder hosts for a maximum of 7 hours for day, 5 days for week. For this reason volunteers should be cheerful, discreet and respectful, he/she should like working in team group, he/she should want to share the experiences and should be available for a long learning progress.

Considering that we do not ask for special skills, specialization or specific capacities, volunteers will be invited to propose their own ideas linked to their own competences in music, theatre, painting, etc.

Asilo Valdese works with the authorization of the Local Health Authority. We got this authorization also thanks to the CPI (fire prevention's certificate issued from Torino's Fire Service) and the plant design and structural's qualification. On the strength of rules in force related on work's safety Asilo Valdese organizes a periodical trainings for the staff. We organize specific courses about the procedures to be followed in case of danger and all the social-sanitary operators in our project have a specific specialization on fire management. The preparation of our staff is certificate through a final exam made by the Torino's Fire Service. Asilo Valdese respects the fire prevention rules and the build is equipped with anti fire tools.
An external consultant specialized on safety's problems is in charge for the evacuation and emergency planes management and specialized companies make the ordinary maintenance of the equipments of the building (fire extinguishers, emergency lights, fire door, hydrants, fire towers). To manage every kind of emergency Asilo Valdese constitutes teams for the fire control, for the evacuation planes management and for the first aid.
Inside the Asilo building there are also a lot of signals in order to inform the hosts, the staff and the visitors about the correct procedure for leaving the building in case of fire. Every years there are several fire simulations.
The Asilo Valdese's staff is subject to periodical physical examinations and blood drawing. For the safety on the workplace Asilo Valdese gives to its staff the appropriate work tools for the individual safety in order to reduce any possible risks: rubber gloves, uniforms, masks, etc.
The worker is informed on the use of them and he/she is obliged to use them.
To help the staff in the work there are different specific tools like machines to lift up the sick, cloths, variable high bathtubs , variable high beds.
The work flow is analyzed periodically based on conditions according to the index calculation called "MAPO". Food is prepared and administered according to the national law. The electrical system and the hot-water heating in the volunteers' house are constantly checked.
Every months there will be a meeting with the tutor in order to improve and monitoring the volunteers' learning process as their project's phases, it will be important to speak about possible problems not connected with the voluntary service (inclusion in the local life, group life, etc.)

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