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Verein: Internationale Jugendgemeinschaftsdienste LV Berlin e.V.
Projekt: Jugendwohnheim (Gemona Del Friuli )
Bewerbungsende: 12.08.2010
Status: Stelle gestrichen
Laufzeit: ca. 15.04.2011 - ca. 15.10.2011 oder 15.12.2011
Sprache im Projekt: Italienisch

Diese Stelle ist nicht mehr verfügbar!

Mann oder Frau zwischen 18 und 30 Jahren


Gemona Del Friuli it is located in the Italian region of Friuli Venezia Giulia in the north-east part of Italy. It borders with Austria (north) Slovenia (east), Veneto region with the city of Venice (west) and the Adriatic sea (south).
The most important cities in the region are Trieste (region's capital), Udine, Gorizia and Pordenone.
In the Friuli Venezia Giulia is possible to find different kinds of landscapes: mountains, hills, plain and sea.
Gemona Del Friuli is in the pre-mountain territory, close to Tagliamento river. The town was destroyed in the 1976 by a violent earthquake that destroyed much of it. Gemona was totally rebuilt so actually in the mediaeval old town there are many examples of the story and the culture of Gemona del Friuli.
The town is 3 km far from the Gemona-Osoppo's tollgate and has a railway station. There are also public transports.
Gemona offers a lot of sporty opportunities thanks to the territory's morphology and to the presence of a lot of sporty associations (swimming pool, football, basket, volleyball, karate, cycling, paragliding, ext…)

Main events in/near Gemona.
" Medieval August (Gemona del Friuli)
" Communication International laboratory (Gemona del Friuli)
" Rototom Sunsplash (Osoppo - 3 km far from Gemona del Friuli)
" Biker Fest (Osoppo - 3 km far from Gemona del Friuli)
" Pumpkin's festival (Venzone - 5 km far from Gemona del Friuli)
" "Aria di Festa" San Daniele ham's festival (San Daniele del Friuli - 19 km far from Gemona del Friuli)
" No borders music festival (Tarvisio - 64 km far from Gemona del Friuli)
" Friuli DOC (Udine - 26 km far from Gemona del Friuli)
" Far East Film Festival (Udine - 26 km far from Gemona del Friuli)
" Folkest" International Folk Festival (different locations in Friuli Venezia Giulia)
" Mittelfest" Festival of theatre, music, dance, poetry, puppets and visual art of the central Europe (different locations in Friuli Venezia Giulia)

The volunteer will be lodged in a double room with a shared bathroom in the care home . He/she can use the common spaces ( kitchen, TV room, games room, ect…)
The presence of the international volunteer in the common spaces out of the timetable will be very welcome but he/she has to respect the rules of the care home. In the house a lot of spaces are in common and it is very important respecting the rules for a good cohabitation with the other people.
The volunteer should be available to share space/time with the minors in the care home. For this reason a high smoker person (or an alcohol or drugs addicted) will not be very useful.
The free time will be arranged according to the priorities of the community house.

Volunteer will do their evs projects for a maximum of 35 hours for 5 days per week.
They will have 2 days off every week and 2 days off every month.

Role of the International volunteer
The Volunteer will actively be involved in our activities, he/she will offer his/her support helped by the staff. This will help the volunteer to feel better involved in the organization too.
His/her skills will be used as important new resource for the minors of the community home as for the operators, respecting the own and others people's security.
The international volunteer can suggest his/her own activities according with the organization needs, planning together timing and working methods.

Volunteers will have the chance to explore new working methods within animation and educative activities run inside and outside the community. They will have the possibility to take part to the formal or informal excursions organized outside.
They will take part to the intensive Italian language course for foreigners (30-50 hours) at the D'Aronco Institute which also organizes other trainings (as computer, arts, foreign languages, etc).
The Italian language learning process will be also supported by the operators who will help the volunteer in practicing the language.

Activities proposed to the volunteer:

" taking part in the activities proposed by the care family house for minors with own cultural and social particularities. The volunteer's culture is a very important aspect in order to offer new knowledge and curiosity among the children and the educators. The characteristic of another culture will enrich the care home's activities.

" improving the diversities' understanding through a direct comparison between the international volunteer and the children in order to stimulate their school learning;
" supporting the young during the studying activities and the homework;
" improve children's knowledge on specific themes;
" supporting the educators in the after-school activities.

" cooperating in the management of the common spaces during the activities;

" helping minors and operators to prepare meals, cleaning the rooms after the activities;
" doing the weekly shopping with the minors and the educators;
" supporting the minors and educators during the transfers ( from home to school, from home to park, ect…)
" respecting and making the minors respect the care house's time table as for study time, rest time, etc. which form the daily life of the house.

o proposing and cooperating during the sporty-recreational activities for the MINORS in the care house;
o taking the minors in the places where sporty activities happen and giving support to them during their important sporty events, as matches, the rounds robin , ect…
o taking part at the sporty-recreational activities ( trips, swimming pool, ect…)
o proposing sporty-recreational activities for the minors coming from the volunteer's personal experience (Exemple: if the volunteer has some capacity in karate can propose this activity after an agreement with the responsible of the project)
o playing with the children (table game, PC, ext…)

The volunteer should be a no-smoker, patient, animal lover, good at the teamwork.
He/she should be available for full-immersion special projects (after which resting days will follow).
The volunteer will attend the following security's courses and activities:
o medical aid's course
o an adequate preparation on the pedagogical project about any users of the care house
o an adequate preparation on the tools used in the house.
o the volunteer will have a periodical meeting with the staff in order to supervise the project and check the project's phases.

All our activities are at low-risk.

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