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Verein: AFS Interkulturelle Begegnungen e.V.
Projekt: AFS Programmes Interculturels asbl
Bewerbungsende: jährlich
Status: Stelle gestrichen
Laufzeit: ab January 2010 -
Sprache im Projekt: keine Angaben

Diese Stelle ist nicht mehr verfügbar!

Bewerbungsbeginn für die Abreise im Sommer eines Jahres ist immer der 1. September des Vorjahres. Bewerbungsschluss ist 30. September.
Bewerbungsbeginn für die Abreise Anfang eines Jahres ist immer der 1. März des Vorjahres. Bewerbungsschluss ist der 30. März.

The volunteer will be open toan administrative work in an office (most of the work is in our nationaloffice), but on the other hand, he/she will not be afraid of contacts withyoung people and adults, of speaking in front of groups. He/ she will have agood knowledge of French and a good knowledge of English, oral and written (wework in both languages).


The Organisation:

AFS asbl is partner of theinternational organisation « AFS Intercultural programs » and member of EFIL(European Federation for Intercultural Learning). We are in charge ofcoordination, backing, and pedagogical follow up for international educativeexchanges involving young people between 16 and 30 years old. Those exchangesinclude either sending of Belgian people abroad or hosting young foreigners inthe French part of Belgium (volunteers aswell as exchange students).

The Project:

AFS Programmes Interculturels asbl works for the entire FrenchCommunity of Belgium (including the region of Brussels and Wallonia).

The volunteer will work in the head office of the association that islocated in Brussels, the capital of Belgium. Brussels in not a hugecity, and remains a place where people feel comfortable to live in.Most people living in Brussels speak French and often another language(Flemish, English, ...) There is a vast cultural and social life that'sgoing on in the capital. The coty is very multicultural with largegroups of Europeans, south Americans and Africans living in it. Thepatchwork of cultures, nationalities, professions, and religions givesto Brussels a charm that is unique. The office is inWoluwé-Saint-Lambert, a nice and quite wealthy area of Brussels. Thereare shops, a post-office, banks and public transport nearby. The AFSoffice is on the second floor of a house we share with a law firm.

The volunteer will stay in the surroundings but some of the activitieswill happen in other places in the French Community, for example duringthe animation week-ends or for the promotion.

The effective decentralisation of our activities is followed up by AFSlocal volunteers split up through 6 chapters in the French part ofBelgium (Brussels - Brabant Wallon, Hainaut, Liège, Namur, Marche,Sud-Luxembourg). All those chapters are administrated by volunteers.The volunteers, members of the local chapters provide backing and localanimations during the AFS programs.

Proposed activities for the EVS volunteers:By hosting a volunteer in our organisation, we hope to share anotherway of work. We are used to work in an international environment, andit is always interesting to share other know-hows and cultures. The aimof the project is also to give the opportunity to a young person tofamiliarise with the organisation and the backing of activities foryoung participants or their (host) family in the frame of students andvolunteers exchanges. He/she will discover and develop his backgroundin animation and educational tools for an intercultural experience.As the EVS volunteer will also be in immersion in a new culture, hewill have the possibility to compare his own experience with the otherparticipants that he will assist during his EVS project.As the volunteer will be integrated into the AFS staff, he will be ableto measure what are our objectives, the shakes and function mode ofsuch a big exchange organization.Since AFS is an organization based on the work of AFS volunteers, theEVS volunteer will sometimes be in contact with AFS volunteers whoorganize different activities for the exchange participants.Consequently, the EVS volunteer will discover another kind of volunteerwork.By working with us, he will have access to all the material and toolsrequired that is used by the employees. He will also benefit fromtraining's organised for the local volunteers from the association.Throughout the project, the volunteer will improve his French knowledgeand will discover the Belgian and other foreign cultures.The evs volunteer will have for task to assist different staff membersin the head office (mainly the program co-ordinators, but also thepromotion team), specially in the animation of the orientations(animation week-ends) provided to the participants from the exchangesprograms and in the chaperoning of groups for cultural and socialactivities.In the office, we have a role of coordination of the exchange programswe run. This implies regular contacts with the young participants andtheir families or hostfamilies, with our partners abroad or inBelgium-French (schools, host organizations ...) and with the local AFSvolunteers. The evs volunteers will assist the local AFS volunteersfrom time for specific events or projects. The main objective of theEVS's task will be to assist staff and volunteers for the backing anddevelopment of the intercultural sensibilities of the participants atdifferent moments of their stay in Belgium, or before they leave thecountry. This will be done with the program team, mainly by thepreparation and co-animation of intercultural games and activitiesduring animation week-ends or special projects.The evs volunteer will have opportunities to meet young foreignerstaking part in the programs in Belgium (two groups: +/- 100 teenagersaged from 16 to 18, and 20 young adults between 18 and 28). But he/shewill also take part to some steps of the recruitment process that don'trequire high responsibilities, to orientation and preparation of youngBelgian people who want to go abroad by informing and animating them.This implies regular contacts through telephone, mail or email with theBelgian participants, and maybe less often direct contacts with them(during information meetings, school or home visits, preparation orevaluation week-ends ...)Here following you can find a description of the task we can propose toan evs volunteer. But it is important to note that the activities ofthe volunteer will be closely related to his skills, abilities andinterests.

Program team:
- Preparation of activities and co-animation of groups during theweek-ends organised for the participants (Sending and hosting, +/- 10per year)

- Co-animation, organisation of cultural activities, logisticassistance for the groups, animation of the evaluation week-ends,carrying out and synthesis of the evaluations.

- Co-ordination of the "social week" (one week of social work in alocal organisation for all our hosted year students): help to findorganizations for the students who don't know where to volunteer,follow-up with the partner organizations and schools ...

- Assistance in the recruitment process of candidates: it may beaccompanying trained AFS volunteers for in-home interviews with theapplicants and their family in Brussels. Those home visits usually takeplace in the evening, or on week-ends, when the whole family in home;answering inquiries about our programs (on the phone or by email);helping an applicant to translate his motivations letter or his cvsending to participants the results of the selection made by the staffor by the hosting projects ...

- General support for the coordination of the programs: email contactswith foreign partners to ask or send information about participants andprograms; translation of documents (in english, French, Spanich, German...); contacts with embassies in order to check the process for visaapplication (twice a year); review of application forms to chek thatnithing is missing and ask for more information if needed ...
- Assistance to the 18+ coordinator for the search of hostorganizations for the community service participants: searchingorganizations in databases, on the web, in social directories,contacting them and then send them documentation, application form,contracts ...

- Assistance and support to participants and families for the check-inat the airport on departure day: give the air ticket, reassure theparticipant and his family, give the last pieces of advice for thetravel...

- Preparation, promotion, organisation, co-animation and evaluation ofthe "intercultural week": this project is organised in different citiesduring the Carnival and Easters holidays. Its purpose is to gatheryoung people from abroad (including immigrants and AFS exchangestudents hosted in Belgium) and Belgians (including students from thelocal schools and students who are going to participate on an AFSprogram) in order to let them live an intercultural experience. The"intercultural week" is based on different piles: creativity, exchange,friendship, understanding and discoveries. The program consequentlyoffers creative workshops such as graffiti, dance, music, theatre,circus, singing, ... in the afternoons. The workshops are held byprofessionals but assisted by AFS staff and the EVS volunteer andsometimes trainees. In the morning, there are common activities likecultural visits (TV studios, museums, ...), intercultural andinteractive games which allow an open discussion, or animation by someyouth organisations (about racism, immigration, citizenship,intercultural relations, ...) At the end of the week, there is a showpresenting the results of the "intercultural week". The EVS will beintegrated in the preparatory team from the beginning of his stay on.Depending on the time of his arrival in Belgium, he has the possibilityto assist in finding the appropriate workshops and professionals,gather ideas for the activities in the morning, be responsible for thepomoton of the project, ...

All those activities imply a necessary administrative follow-up in thecourse of events and projects (phone calls, sending letters or emails,data processing, writing reports, research on the Web...). Thevolunteer will have his own desk, phone and computer to achieve thosetasks.

Remark: the evs will be involved in the activities related to allexchange programs offered by AFS, including the evs program. Though itis obvious that he won't be involved in the selection of others evs,nor in coordination or animation of evs international training. Theselection of all participants (evs and others) is done by the staff, byAFS trained volunteers, and by the host project. The evs willparticipate in the evs national trainings as a beneficiary of the EVSprogram. His role towards the evs will be assistance to applicants andstaff in contacts, information, promotion, ...

Promotion team:
This part of the task concerns the promotion of the AFS organisation inFrench speaking schools, fairs, public events like festivals ... butalso in the monthly information meetings we do in our office.Volunteers and staff meet students and present them our programs. TheEVS can bring a useful information about his own experience of anexperience abroad. The promotion in schools usually starts inSeptember-October and end in April. There are less information meetingsand public events during the summer holidays.
A small part of the promotion tasks consist in administration relatedto the tasks described above. It seems to us that it is important thatthe evs volunteer has a complete view of what is organised and thisgoes also through sending invitation, letters for thanking schools ...

Personal project:
We like to propose to the volunteer to set up his own project. It canbe whatever he wants related to his work in the organisation. Forexample, former volunteers organized funny activities for the hostedcommunity service and EVS participants, they made pictures of differentactivities that we use now for stands in fairs ...

Work schedule:
The normal work schedule is 5 days a week from 9 am to 5.30 PM with a1-hour lunch-break. Some of the activities happen during the week-endor in the evening. In this case the volunteer will have time offcompensation during the week.
As the tasks can be really varied and flexible, it is hard to describea normal week. Also, some of the projects last only for a part of theyear. Some periods will be busier than others.

Profile of the volunteer and recruitment procedure: we think that a volunteer who has the following abilities will havemore interest in our project, will feel more comfortable and will havemore diversity in his/her tasks:Easily going with teenagers and young adults groups and interest for human relations, animations and group activitiesBeing able to speak in front of large groupsOpen to work in a team, autonomous and resourceful organised and rigour in the set up of activitiesBasic French and if possible some background in Engllish to enter in contact with the participants, volunteers and partners.We prefer host volunteers for a long term period (one year). Thevolunteer will surely live with a Belgian host family and should acceptto share their daily life (meals, activities, chores ...) and culture.No special skills are required and a training will be given in case ofneed (training for family visitors; computer training for staff use...).

The volunteer will benefit at least from one training given inOctober for our AFS volunteers. There are various themes amongst whichhe can choose: for example, animation of groups, leading meetings,conflict management, ...

AFS promotes diversity and is open to work with any evs sendingorganization. Volunteers are informed of the vacancy through the evsdatabases: EVSWORKS and SOS, or through contacts we have with regularevs partners. A presentation of AFS and standard application form issent to the volunteers. This way, we have similar information for allcandidates, that can be easily compared. AFS always expects severalapplications before making a selection on the basis of the motivationsand profile of the different candidates, in order to choose the mostadequate volunteer for the activities in the project. Before confirmingthe acceptance of a volunteer, we check with him/her that heunderstands the contant of the project and that he agrees with thetasks we can offer him/her.

Risk prevention, security and protection: Prevention is managed by regular meetings foreseen with the worksupervisor (+/- every 2 weeks), who can also help for the set-up of apersonal project. Some special meetings with the whole staff may alsotake place from time to time. The volunteer will participate in them ifit is relevant for his integration or his tasks.A tutor (another staff member) will be available for further follow-upand for meetings with the volunteer in order to help him to overcomethe difficulties, to check the progress regarding the objectives of theproject.The volunteer will receive all information and necessary training from the supervisor and staff before and upon arrival.The volunteer will have the opportunity to attend a French course thatwill allow him to express himself more fluently and will help him tobetter understand what's expected from him. When there is anopportunity of training, he/she will participate.The volunteer will have two contact persons: a counselor (usually aformer exchange participant), who is an AFS volunteer at a local level,and also a tutor in the AFS office. Together, they will support theparticipant when needed. The AFS volunteer will try to have a regularcontact with the EVS during her/his stay (+/- once a month).In case of conflict/crisis, AFS will organize a mediation and will keep the sending organization informed.The volunteer will have the same working conditions as the paid staff:The safety standards and work policy will be the same for her/him.

Reference number: 2007-BEFR-38