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Verein: AFS Interkulturelle Begegnungen e.V.
Projekt: Active Citizenship in Diyarbakir
Bewerbungsende: 01.04.2010
Status: Stelle gestrichen
Laufzeit: ab April 2010 - 12 Monate 
Sprache im Projekt: keine Angaben

Diese Stelle ist nicht mehr verfügbar!

Bewerbungsbeginn für die Abreise im Sommer eines Jahres ist immer der 1. September des Vorjahres. Bewerbungsschluss ist 30. September.
Bewerbungsbeginn für die Abreise Anfang eines Jahres ist immer der 1. März des Vorjahres. Bewerbungsschluss ist der 30. März.

Prefered age of the volunteers: 23-28 years
Necessary language skills: English (at least conversational)
Basic computer skills
Some command of Turkish language will be an asset
They better tend to create new ideas and break the routine
They should be flexible to travel even in remote areas and be interested in learning other cities in Turkey
First experience in nonformal youth work and training
Since they will work together with university students, we prefer volunteers which have experienced university life before
They should respect TOG’s values: Respect to cultural diversity on earth; no segregation based on religious, ideological, political views or ethnicity; transparent and accountable
• Good team work ability.


The Organization

Community Volunteers (TOG) believes in the realization of social peace, solidarity and change through the participation and leadership of the youth with the assistance of adults who believe in the synergy youth are capable of creating and who can financially or/and socially support them toward communal benefit.

Our purpose is to contribute to the formation of a youth with social awareness and self-esteem. To develop and realize various social service projects and to transform the energy of youth towards social benefit.

In TOG network, there are over 72 youth initiatives all over Turkey and about 14000 volunteers all over Turkey. These volunteers are mostly university students between 18-25 years. Social responsibility projects are realized by young volunteers in different locations in Turkey, such as state schools, orphanages, forests, villages and so on. All these projects are mainly planned and run by young volunteers. The TOG Office supports this projects; partly funds the projects or helps to raise funds for them; communicates with public and press, and empowers the individual volunteers with trainings, traineeships, grants, and mentorship.

There are over 38 employees in TOG office, and one for each in the Pembe Ev, the Good Heaths Shop, Ankara, Diyarbakır, İzmir, Samsun, Sivas and Van settlements.

The TOG office is located in Üsküdar, Istanbul and the heart of the TOG Network and supports local voluntary initiatives. It runs institutional tasks and mainly consists of Volunteer, Training, Projects, Communication and Fundraising Departments.
The Pembe Ev (Pink House) is located in Kavacık close to undeveloped areas. This is one of the three Youth Service Centres, and it works for the local development. Lots of free-of-charge courses are given to needed persons by volunteers.

The TOG Principles:

1. Impartiality

- Respect to differences during all activities (cultural diversity)

- No segregation based on religious, ideological, political views or ethnicity.

2. Transparency and accountability

3. Local participation

4. Teamwork - The understanding of ‘all together for all of us’

5. Entrepreneurship

6. Learning

Responsabilities of the volunteer:

The volunteer will be placed in the Youth Service Centers in Van or Samsun. His responibilities might differ according to the need of the Youth Center and the preferences of the volunteer.

Community Service: Many social projects are created by local youth initiatives in schools, orphanages, cultural centres etc. The volunteers will take part in these projects. These projects are produced by local and international volunteers together to experience a multi-cultural team environment.

Service to local volunteers: International volunteers will develop some permanent activities for the empowerment of local TOG volunteers. The activities will be determined according to local needs and the skill and knowledge of the international volunteers. Some possible activities: English and German Courses, Painting, Juggling, Conversation Club, Computer Skills, Music workshops etc.

Office Work: The Volunteers help out the youth worker’s tasks. These activities will develop different qualifications of the volunteers and besides the variety of activities is an advantage to break the routine. But mainly he/she will contribute his/her ideas in the main work.

Visits in other cities: They will participate in many events, festivals, Youth Councils, meetings and seminars in other cities.

Summer Youth Camps: The summer camps are organised in different cities such as Mardin, Edirne, Van etc. and the volunteers do community service in these camps. In the summer period the volunteers will participate (in the organization team) minimum 1 month in these summer camps.

Intercultural Activities: Volunteers with the support of the team will develop some intercultural activities such as workshops, cultural nights, video shows, debates etc.