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Verein: Internationale Jugendgemeinschaftsdienste LV Berlin e.V.
Projekt: Towarzystwo Opieki nad Niepełnosprawnymi
Bewerbungsende: 01.11.2014
Status: Bewerbungsfrist abgelaufen
Laufzeit: 01.09.2015 - 30.6.2016
Sprache im Projekt: Polnisch

Zwischen 18 und 30 Jahre alt

Bewerbungen bitte frühstmöglich einsenden!

Zentrum für Kinder und Jugendliche mit Behinderungen in der Stadt Ustron.


Our center is placed in picturesque town called Ustron, situated next to Beskidy Mountains, in the valley of Wisla river. It has
more then 17 thousands inhabitants. The majority of the people works in different branches of tourism and recreation. Ustron
is perfect place for different form of sport. There are a lots of cultural and sport events every yea, especially during the summer
season. . It is also a Spa- town with 200 years tradition. The town has different problems like unemployement, alcoholizm,
drugs, homelessness.

In the past we host volunteers from Greece, Germany, Spain, France (2), Armenia, Austria, Romania. They assisted our
children in every school day. They played with them, helped to learn new knowledge and social skills. What is the most
important, volunteers gave them acceptance, attention and heling hand. The main goal of the idea of hosting volunteers have
been achieved. Children became happier, more self confident and open to others.

Also the local community got awareness about the real potentials of disabled people through differetnkind of activities (events
dedicated to the local community). Thanks to volunteers the integration between healthy and disabled people became far more


The main goal of the project is to increase the activity of young people on the field of social life and to integrate them into
the local, regional and European community. During the project the volunteer will work with young people with mentally
handicappted. The level of their disability is various. The activities are designed to support their mental and physical
development, learning of independante life as well as developing skills essential for working and living in the group or local

The project will serve also to break the borders and the stereotypes which have the healthy people in the contact with disabled.
Very important part of the project is its strong connection with local community. One of the task of the volunteer will be interest
young people with their EVS project, their country, language, culture and encourage them to join the activities of hosting

The volunteer will learn how to work with disabled youngsters, how to take care about them, responsibilty for other people and
how to participate in social life of the local community. They will learn polish language and get to know our regional and Polish

The voulunteers will be allowed to propose their own methods of work and use them during the project. The most important
role will be to share the knowledge about Europe, different cultures, history, languages to disabled people.it will be done by
different activities as well as participation in that project.

The volunteer will be cooperating in planning and running activities, and will be always assisted by the teacher from hosting
organization. Teacher will be responsible for people taking part in activities, not the volunteer. Both, teacher and volunteer will
be resposible for doing all activities inculded in daily plan.

Volunteers work will be concetrated on helping the teacher of the
group in which activities will be carried on.

The volunteers will work individually or in groups, always with assist of the teacher or other specialist. The methods depends
on individual needs of young people or the group.

The most important tasks are:
-developing of the efficient thinking
-developing of the ability of moving
-developing of the communnication skills
-developing of the skills of living in the group.

The methods: arttherapy, musictherapy, learning through games, outdoors activities (excursions, walks, visits some cultural and sport events).

Once a month there will be a meeting with a mentor in order to discuss about activities carried on. Volunteer will have
opportunity to exchange his/ her experiences and work progress. If it is necessary they will have opportunity to be trained
how to work with inhabited people during this meetings. Every time mentor of the volunteer will be open and willing to help

The volunteers will run workshops and meetings with youngsters from local community. They will present their countries,
cultures and the project they are involved. The voilunteers will be cooperating in planning and running the meetings in
cooperation with people from hosting organization. They will prepare the plan of workshops and working methods of currying
on it. Together they will plan also when and where meetings with youth will take a place. Volunteers will be one of the persons
that will carry on the workshops. If the local youth is interested in preparing new projects together with volunteer and hosting
organization, volunteer will be responsible for contacts with youth and for motivating them to work and helping them preparing
the project.

As we did in the past, often workers invite volunteers to their houses so they can learn about our daily life, habits (Xmass,
Eastern, family celebrations, etc., spend time together.

Free time: all Saturdays and Sundays and addition 2 free days per month. Every day after working hours free tim
Volunteer will prepare monthly reports about his expectation, motivation, activities, etc. there will be evaluation about it, we will
share our points of view for togethers work, solve some problems if it appears, summing up all month.


Weitere Informationen findest du unter: http://www.ijgd.de/auslands-dienste/ab-6-monate/europaeischer-freiwilligendienst-evs.html

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