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Verein: Internationale Jugendgemeinschaftsdienste LV Berlin e.V.
Projekt: Ayuntamiento de Elche - Gemeindearbeit
Bewerbungsende: 01.11.2014
Status: Bewerbungsfrist abgelaufen
Laufzeit: ab Oktober 2015 für 9 Monate
Sprache im Projekt: keine Angaben

Junge engagierte Menschen ab 18 Jahren

Ayuntamiemto de Elche
Mitarbeit in Arbeitsbereichen des Gemeinderates in Elche.

Elche City Council is a local government that has the general objective to serve and protect the interests of the citizens of Elche.
This program runs from Social Action area, formed by different departments as a Social Welfare, Education, Environment, Sports and Youth. From all these areas we plan to attend: sociocultural areas, economic, educational, environmental groups diverse, younger, older, young and adult population in general. And specific groups such as immigrants, women, the disabled, etc..
The staff responsible for these tasks is multidisciplinary are psychologists, educators, social workers, leaders, social workers, etc. Young volunteers collaborate with professionals in each department, local volunteers and supporters

The volunteers are choosing one of the following project areas:
1. Youth: The City of Elche has over 10 years working with young people aged between 14 and 35. The work focuses on three areas: counseling, recreational program and youth training.
2. Education:
They are held among others the following activities:
- Collaborate in primary schools in the city.
- Jobs for minors.
- Programs ecucación adult Spanish classes for foreigners in the socio-cultural centers, reading and writing classes. Courses for university entrance (for those over 25 years).
3. Social welfare: the City Social Welfare provides assistance and support services to the citizens in their personal and social development. The volunteer will work on the following tasks:
- Area women: support for the tasks of information, training and advice to women to cover their needs.
- Seniors: support activities, personal care, assistance to disabled persons or persons living alone, etc..
- Disabled: accompaniment, support and help in daily activities. Collaborate in activities with people with psychological problems
- Collaboration in social center activities. In every neighborhood there is a social center as a reference point for the population. In these centers there are many activities for residents of all ages.
- Immigration: organize activities for immigrant associations in order to learn about their cultures.
4. Environment Department in collaboration with the awareness and protection of our sites. We have a large population of palm trees throughout the municipality of Elche.

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