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- im Kinderheim
- mit Behinderten


Verein: Internationale Jugendgemeinschaftsdienste LV Berlin e.V.
Projekt: Europäischer Freiwilligendienst in Malta
Bewerbungsende: 16.01.2013
Status: Stelle vergeben
Laufzeit: ab August 2013 für 12 Monate
Sprache im Projekt: Englisch

- zwischen 18 und 30 Jahre alt
- Interesse and er Arbeit im sozialen und therapeutischen Bereich

Inspire is located over 2 main sites - Zejtun and Marsascala, both in the south of Malta. Our site in Marsascala has developed into an inclusive centre, where the excellence of the service would encouarge people of all abilities to use the gym, the pools and first rate facilities to hold a variety of events. The therapeutic services now include horse riding and physiotherapy, three state of the art Multi-sensory rooms and an ICT lab with assistive technology. Our Zejtun site is more specialised in intellectual disabilities and provides educational and therapeutic services to our many clients.
Through the project, volunteers will have a very good background of the way services are given to persons with a disability, both physical and intellectual. They will learn about the various way s in which therapy is given, in a specific environment and setting which relaxes the client/ service user. They will learn about the various disabilities and the way to work with these, to compliment our mission of improving the quality of life and encouraging independence. The above are learning outcomes related to the field in which the organisation works in, however there are other outcomes related to the individual, mainly, making decisions, taking responsibility, reporting and assessing clients, working in a team, reaching deadlines, ethical issues, etc The volunteers will definitely improve their English since Malta is a dual speaking country, mainly, English and Maltese, while they will learn more about the lifestyle and system of a typical Mediterranean island. All volunteers are given the opportunity to follow a course in English for Foreigners so that they can improve their communication skills as well as their writing skills.

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