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Verein: AFS Interkulturelle Begegnungen e.V.
Projekt: School with handicapped children
Bewerbungsende: 01.10.2009
Status: Stelle gestrichen
Laufzeit: ab   August 2010 - 12 Monate
Sprache im Projekt: keine Angaben

Diese Stelle ist nicht mehr verfügbar!

Bewerbungsbeginn für die Abreise im Sommer eines Jahres ist immer der 1. September des Vorjahres. Bewerbungsschluss ist 30. September.
Bewerbungsbeginn für die Abreise Anfang eines Jahres ist immer der 1. März des Vorjahres. Bewerbungsschluss ist der 30. März.

Personal skills: • Adaptable to a new culture
• Exellent communication skills for beeing able to communicate with children taht speak only very little english.
• Experience in working with disabeld children and adults could be an asset

• Creativity and ability to implement own ideas
• Your appearance should be presentable at the project. In many cases, a “dress code” is mandatory: long sleeves and pants, no extravagant or minimal clothing
Preparation needed: • Do a search on google “Kannada Lessons” Since most of the children speak only less English you should be open for alternative ways of communication and maybe for learning some basics in the local language (Kannada).

• The work will be quite challenging and it would be useful for you to start thinking about ideas for activities you might want to conduct in the school.


Chaitanya Special School

In the town of Kundapur, Udupi district, on the west coast of Karnataka State, South India, FSL-India has set a regional base from where activities are coordinated. Many volunteers are placed in and around Kundapur in many different types of projects.

In Kundapur, the Chaitanya Special School provides handicapped children (mainly mentally retarded, and 6 deaf children) with an education, recreational activities, and medical care. They are between 4 and 30 years old and there are about 30 of them attending the school. The main activities consist of physiotherapy sessions, regular teaching (depending on the levels of the children), yoga lessons, speech therapie and recreational activities such as crafts work (painting, paper origami, etc..). This project is a great opportunity for volunteers to get to learn about the problems of disabled children in India.

Project Description

Total staff: 3 teachers, 2 helpers and 1 driver
Total students: 31

The work:

You will be assisting the staff members on the daily coordination and organization, along with another volunteer from FSL. You will be taking care of the special individual skills of the children and their daily needs, as well as teaching. You will also prepare and organize creative free time basic activities for the children, such as crafts and games.

School’s Daily schedule
9:30am - 4:00pm School’s opening hours:

Morning: School bus pick up the children in their home

Monday and Friday yoga, daily physiotherapy and regular lessons

Lunch: Children eat lunch at the school. Volunteers can either bring their lunch box from host family or go home.

Afternoon: Drawing, handicraft, daily physiotherapie

After school: School bus drives the children back to their home.

Time commitment:

Monday to Friday, at least 5 hours per day. School Holidays are in April and May. There is not yet the possibility to host volunteers during the holidays. Weekends are free, and you can plan accordingly for any travel or free time activities. Holidays during your voluntary service are not allowed.

What you can expect:

New building with good facilities. You can find good equipment everywhere and there is lots of space for the children to play. Very nice and cute (!) children.

Project’s Aims:

- interact with the children
- take care of their daily needs
- to teach basic crafts and games


You will be staying in a host family, in a place called Tallur, about 4 kms from your working place, in a room that you will share with another volunteer. All the meals will be provided by the family, including the lunch, which will be taken to the project.