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Verein: AFS Interkulturelle Begegnungen e.V.
Projekt: Middelaldercentret
Bewerbungsende: jährlich
Status: Stelle gestrichen
Laufzeit: ab May 2010 - 6 Monate 
Sprache im Projekt: keine Angaben

Diese Stelle ist nicht mehr verfügbar!

Bewerbungsbeginn für die Abreise im Sommer eines Jahres ist immer der 1. September des Vorjahres. Bewerbungsschluss ist 30. September.
Bewerbungsbeginn für die Abreise Anfang eines Jahres ist immer der 1. März des Vorjahres. Bewerbungsschluss ist der 30. März.

We expect the volunteer to be flexible and willing to try differentkinds of work. The volunteer must be openminded, curious and interestedin learning more about nature and history.
The volunteer must like to spend time outdoors, as many of our activities are outdoor activities.
The vounteer must be able to speak English and/or German at a conversational level and willing to learn Danish (Scandinavian).
The recruitment process will be made in close cooperation with AFSInterkultur which will be responsible for promoting the project towardsexisting and new EVS partners and collecting applications. The actualselection of volunteers will be made in a cooperation betweenMiddelaldercentret and AFS Interkultur.
The center complies with Danish safety regulations. The work at the museum does not involve any special risks. Bewerbung bitte zwischen: 01.08.2009 - 01.10.2009


Descriptionof the organisation

TheMedieval Centre is a self-containing foundation, financially supported by stateand county authorities. This support amounts to app. 30% of the total annualbudget. The Centre has some 70.000 visitors p.a. The foundation of the centrestates a duty to perform research in early technology and craftsmanship, and topresent the results to the public.

TheMedieval Centre is a non-profit institution, dedicated to the research in and educationalpresentation of 14th century urban culture in Denmark. Physically, the centreconsists of a reconstructed medieval town, in which the educational work takesplace as re-enactment - by staff dressed in reconstructed clothing and houses,acting as medieval people.

The work iswidely dependant on voluntary work, but has a number of regular employees. Educationalwork takes place from May to September every year, but research is performedthe entire year round.

Events atthe center include knight tournaments, knight shows, trebuchets, canon andbombards, markets, midsummers eve, autumn Vacation activities as well asprivate events.

The museumshop in the Entrance Hall offers a variety of goods, from authentic copies andreplicas of medieval artefacts to books, toys and medieval related merchendice.

The centeralso offers real medieval food in the inn "The Golden Swan".

Project environment:

TheMedieval Centre is situated near the town of Nykøbing Falster, app. 5 km. fromtown centre, in a partly rural/forrested area. The town of Nykøbing has some35.000 inhabitants, Infrastructure consists of roads, busses and train. Thetravelling distance to Copenhagen is app. 135 km.

The areaaround Nykøbing is a popular holiday area in summer. Nearby is found a largearea of holiday cottages and camping areas.

Proposed activities for EVS volunteers:

The Centreexpects the volunteers to take an active part in the daily educational work,dressed in reconstructed clothing and acting as citizens of the medieval town.Informal training will be provided as needed, and the volunteers may amongother things be required to take part in tournaments, demonstrations of siegeengines, and similar activities - depending on the personality and abilities ofeach individual.

The work atthe centre will provide the volunteer with an indepth knowledge of medievallife in Denmark and at the same time it will give the EVS volunteer thepossibility of developing a wide range of abilities and experience within thevarious areas of activities of the Middelaldercenter.

A typicalworking day will be from 9.30 am to 16.00 pm and the volunteer will also dooccasional work at weekends. However, the working week will not exceed 35 hoursper week.

Host family

AFS willprovide a host family for the volunteer. The life in a host family willfacilitate the integration in the local community and will accelerate theprocess of both language and intercultural learning.

Thevolunteer will be invited to social events arranged by the AFS's local chapterstogether with other volunteers, exchange students and host families.

Reference Number: 2008-DK-32