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Verein: AFS Interkulturelle Begegnungen e.V.
Projekt: Working in a violence prevention program
Bewerbungsende: 01.04.2010
Status: Stelle gestrichen
Laufzeit: ab März 2010 - 12 Monate 
Sprache im Projekt: keine Angaben

Diese Stelle ist nicht mehr verfügbar!

Bewerbungsbeginn für die Abreise im Sommer eines Jahres ist immer der 1. September des Vorjahres. Bewerbungsschluss ist 30. September.
Bewerbungsbeginn für die Abreise Anfang eines Jahres ist immer der 1. März des Vorjahres. Bewerbungsschluss ist der 30. März.

Prefered age of the volunteers: 18-28 years
Good knowledgment of English
Good knowledgment of Spanish
Basic Knowledgment of Portuguese
The participant must be academic-oriented and willing to research on written material. The main part of the work consists on searching for relevant information and readings, exchange information with some partners to contribute with the correspondence, knowledge, awareness and best practices realized.

Although there are some events and actions of the organization which take place on less developed areas, the participant will not be requested to engage on them, as those tend to be held in areas of armed intervention and violence.


The Organization

Viva Rio is a non-profit, philanthropic civil association, of social and cultural character, created in December of 1993 by representatives of diverse sectors of the civil society as a direct reply to the increasing violence in Rio de Janeiro. Viva Rio works for a social integration and its main objective is to promote peace and development at local level, creating means for overcoming armed violence and social exclusion. Viva Rio co-ordinates projects and peace campaigns within Human Security, acting on the inclusion of children and youth at risk, security sector reform, local development, Small Arms, Light Weapons control. The projects are supported by actions related to research, training, communication, and monitoring. Viva Rio develops its programs through a network of local and foreigner partners. Viva Rio’s projects are run in order to have clear results that may be multiplied and potential for wide scale implementation, adding up to market and government actions.

The Project

Comunidad Segura is dedicated to the exchange of information and ideas pertaining to human security. Our main focus is on Latin America and Caribbean, but our interest in security problems and solutions is not limited to these regions, we publish stories in four languages: Portuguese, Spanish, English and French.
Comunidad Segura believes that the phenomenon of violence needs further analysis, fostering discussion among various sectors of society: police officers, justice professionals, researchers, journalists, educators, politicians, NGOs, social movements, men, women and youth, victims and aggressors.
The intitution understands responsibility of creating a safe environment lies within every and each citizens.

What will the volunteer do?

The volunteer will be responsible for researches on Human Safety and Security, Urban Violence, Gun Politics, Public Policies throughout Latin America and related issues. S/he will be responsible for collecting data in cientifical articles and trustworthy websites, contacting Scholars, Educators and specialized media to assist the journalists of the project.
It will part of his/her task to assist and provide a continuous information flow, to broadcast ot on the website and share with the international networks in which the projects are associated.
In case of occasional local events organized by Viva Rio to create awareness of the subject, the volunteer would be requested to help on the organization, information and support.