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Verein: AFS Interkulturelle Begegnungen e.V.
Projekt: Working in a artistic school for poor youngsters
Bewerbungsende: 01.10.2009
Status: Stelle gestrichen
Laufzeit: ab August / März 2010 - 12 Monate 
Sprache im Projekt: keine Angaben

Diese Stelle ist nicht mehr verfügbar!

Bewerbungsbeginn für die Abreise im Sommer eines Jahres ist immer der 1. September des Vorjahres. Bewerbungsschluss ist 30. September.
Bewerbungsbeginn für die Abreise Anfang eines Jahres ist immer der 1. März des Vorjahres. Bewerbungsschluss ist der 30. März.

Prefered age of the volunteers: 18-28 years

A previous knowledge or a high interest of one of the specific cultural fields such as Dance, Music, History or Arts is desirable, although a volunteer without any background on these subjects but with a good knowledge of English and teaching skills it is also accepted, may also work in language teaching to the children.
Good interaction with children and teenagers, perseverance and punctuality.
The participant must be outgoing and participative, but most of all willingness to help poor people are the essential skills for working at the BST.

It would be helpful that the volunteer brings Typical Dances videos (our system is NTSC or PAL -M), History or Folks Cultural Books, CDs with folkloric music and songs, Classic stories of Children Literature, etc. Any audio-visual material that reflects their country, their culture, and that helps the interaction with the Brazilian children, stimulating them to learn about other realities.


The Organization

The BST (Ballet de Santa Teresa) was created in 1999, by the teacher of ballet Vânia Farias who decided to make a volunteer project to serve 12 children inside Morro da Corôa Community, the 2nd biggest slum in Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro. This initiative was very successful and many other children started to join the group. Some relatives, friends, parents of the children wanted to help and become volunteers. The project was registered and officially created in 2001. Nowadays the project serves 150 children and teenagers, from 3 to 17 years old, who come from different poor communities in Santa Teresa and its neighborhood.
It offers a 9 year course composed of the following subjects:

Classic Ballet,
Spanish Dance,
Music and Choral,
History of Arts and Dance,
Motor Skills Exercises,
Intelectual recreation,
Educational reinforcement
Preventive medicine education
There are also guided tours to museums, theatres, shows, as well as presentations on schools,theatres, and lectures on the local health clinic.
BST is located in a big house at the entrance of Morro dos Prazeres Community which is a slum in Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro. Rio de Janeiro is the second biggest city in Brazil, with more than 6 million inhabitants.
Santa Teresa is a neighborhood of medium class inhabitants, but surrounded by poor communities. The house was donated to the Rio de Janeiro City Hall by its former owner.
Although it is located in the entrance of a slum, the place is safe during working hours. The social economic level of the children and their families is low. The average income is two minimum salaries (around U$ 150) for a 5 people family.
The project developed by BST is a long term work (average of stay per student is nine years), 3 as we believe long-term establishes for the students whole lives, breaking boundaries.

What will the volunteer do?

The volunteer would help on Classes of Dance, Music and Choral, History of Arts and Dance and in the recreational activities. He will be assisted by a teacher, but will be invited to give classes as well, in forms of Art and Elementary English classes to the kids.
The participant will help making costumes and scenarios for the presentations.
It is foreseen extra-class activities (guided tours to museums, exhibitions, i.e) in which the volunteer will help to accompany the group of children, to make sure the group is together and attentive.